Inside/Outside Washer

Myadox can supply a range of inside / outside bird washers suitable for different applications and every market requirement.

The models feature unique technologies for cleaning such as medium pressure loosening of dirt followed by low pressure rinsing, leave fat lifting cams and spinning nozzles. This results in thoroughly cleaned birds and an extremely low water consumption due to the efficient use of water. All washers have a double stroke action for improved washing results. 

Furthermore, some models are prepared for the use of decontamination agents. 

Final Inspection Machine

Myadox's final inspection machine features a double stroke action for improved results. The full processing cycle is dedicated to cleaning the abdominal cavity of the bird allowing lungs and other small parts to be removed effectively.

The performance is further improved by the automatic disabling of the suction function should an empty shackle pass the unit. Cleaning of the vacuum system is easy; by operating only two valves, all suction channels are thoroughly rinsed. 

Neck Breaker

The Myadox neck breaker removes necks to the highest accuracy and consistency. The possibility to adjust the neck length depending on end product requirements makes it possible to optimize yield. Even very short neck stumps (between the shoulders) are possible. The sideways clamping device avoids unnecessary neck skin damage and combined with the shoulder supports, wing damage is completely eliminated. 

The necks fall directly in the receiving bin without touching the units or birds. This reduces the risk of cross contamination and keeps the machine clean allowing it to run without human interference. By simply changing the cam insert, the machine can also be used as a neck breaker that leaves the neck in the neck skin attached 

Vent Cutter

The Myadox vent cutter has several unique features that assure an optimal cut while processing a wide weight range. Optimal positioning of the bird with regard to the vent knife prior to and during drilling ensures a perfect bird handling and makes sure that the birds are positioned in the best possible way. This is highly important in order to achieve the most optimal cut independent of the weight ranges that are processed. 

Furthermore, a correct positioning of the bird virtually eliminates the risk of intestine damage due to miss cuts. This of course is highly important as otherwise the birds could be contaminated with faeces which unfavorably influences product hygiene. As the Myadox vent cutter uses a mechanical vent clamping device, no vacuum or compressed air is required, increasing the machines reliability. 

Cropping Machine

The Myadox Cropping Machine features a unique patented device which enters the bird through the body cavity, cleans out anything attached to the neck, including crop and windpipe and cleans itself before it withdraws from the bird. 



The Myadox eviscerator is, by far, the best sold and most applied eviscerator in the world. The Myadox eviscerator can handle the widest weight ranges within one flock and setting as well as over different flocks. With the Myadox, unrivalled evisceration performances can be obtained at the lowest possible downtime and running costs available. 

The spring-loaded spoon mechanism assures a constant superior evisceration result without any damage to the liver. The back plate adjustment and long stroke result in an optimal performance and the ability to process a very wide weight range. At the outlet of the machine, the birds pass through a compact yet effective washing station in order to reduce the risk of faecal contamination. Furthermore, the Myadox can handle virtually all types of evisceration lines and shackles and can also successfully be incorporated into competitor lines. 

Opening Machine

The Myadox opening machine, with its patented scissors mechanism, can handle a wide weight range within one machine setting. This is partly due to the fact that the processing unit is uniquely positioned against the keel bone before cutting. This positively affects product quality as the breasts remain perfectly covered with skin. The typical design of the centering bracket results in a very limited number of damaged guts. 

The spring-loaded cutting mechanism protects the scissors from overload damage. Combined with the knife design, this makes the scissors very reliable resulting in a highly uniform and consistent performance. Moreover, the scissors are virtually maintenance free, further reducing the TCO of this machine. 

Stretch Film Wrapper

Specially developed for the wrapping of trays in central processing facilities (meat, poultry, fish, produce, ...), and high volume supermarkets. A large range of models for customer requirements.

Its strength, reliability, ease of operation, and automatic size change, make it the most automatic size change, make it the most productive and versatile machine available, possibility to wrap with several kinds of film: PVC, polyethylene and polyolefines.