Final Inspection Machine

Myadox's final inspection machine features a double stroke action for improved results. The full processing cycle is dedicated to cleaning the abdominal cavity of the bird allowing lungs and other small parts to be removed effectively.

The performance is further improved by the automatic disabling of the suction function should an empty shackle pass the unit. Cleaning of the vacuum system is easy; by operating only two valves, all suction channels are thoroughly rinsed. 



  • The final inspection machine is placed in a 180 degrees curve of the overhead conveyor, as one of the final machines in the evisceration department.
  • The bird is fed into the machine with its back towards the unit.
  • Sets of static and spring-loaded guides position the birds into the processing units.
  • The birds are positioned by a centring bracket placed between the legs of the bird. 
  • When the birds are positioned correctly, the suction head moves into the body cavity.
  • When the suction head is in the right position it is connected with the vacuum unit. 
  • All small loose pieces in the body cavity of the bird are taken out.
  • In case of an empty shackle the vacuum unit will not be activated.